Here we go again!

I’ve been reading a lot about author platforms lately ( seems like a  very good place to start) and have decided to scrap the static CV approach and return to the heady delights of the Blogosphere.

I like to think of my author platform as looking a little bit like this….

author platform

…. complete with a pair of badly drawn rabbits to hang on my every writerly word.  It’s not too high just yet (no need for a ladder)  but you’ll see that I’ve taken the liberty of adding a touch of star potential (well, you never know…).  There’s a hidden drawer round the back for the stashing of author essentials such as new notebooks, a kettle and a giant packet of procrastination nuts (they taste a bit like peanuts but take much longer to chew).  There’s also a carefully concealed hatch for the storing of tweets – if you’d like to see what’s inside you’ll need the following password: @JennyWriteMoore


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