Planes and Portals

Back from a brilliant few days in Denmark, visiting Aalborg and Copenhagen.  I must confess I didn’t write a single word while I was away (perhaps the packing of two fresh notebooks was a little on the optimistic side) but there was just too much to see and do, from watching the polar bears playing in the water at Aalborg Zoo to wandering around the Viking burial ground on the Lindholm Høje.

P1080882                                                                        P1080933

And of course we had to pay our respects to The Little Mermaid back in Copenhagen and try and squeeze all the sights of such an amazing city into a few hours before our flight home.

Planes are all very well, but if you fancy something a bit more instant when it comes to travel you need look no further than 1001 Portals to Try Before You Die.  Check out No. 738 at the Miscellanea Transdimensional Library –


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