Christmas Shopping (The Fun Way)

Yes, I’m afraid so folks, it’s “that” time of year again.  But don’t look so glum… Christmas shopping can be fun, if you know where to go. Why not forget about the blare and glare of the high street this year and check out some independent shops instead:

How about a little something for that magic person in your life?



or maybe a nice book for Dad?



Just make sure you don’t buy him this one….

It’s perfectly safe (I’m sure) but I think he’s already read it!


And no Christmas shopping trip would be complete without a visit to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes…  

I’m sorry what was that?

Oops!  According to the scary-looking witch at the next table, Diagon Alley is supposed to be a closely guarded secret. I’d better not say any more. Looks like it’s back to Marks & Spencer for you after all. I’d offer to come and  carry your bags but it’s cold out there and I’ve just ordered another round of Butterbeers.




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