New Year Recipe for Success

Feeling flat and frazzled after the festivities?  Lost your writing mojo somewhere in the wrapping paper recycling bag?  Then why not try a glass or two of fiction fizz… the perfect pick-me-up for this time of year:

Fiction Fizz (serves 1)

Ingredients :

1 fresh sprig of enthusiasm

a handful of new ideas

5-6 tablespoons of commitment

a dash of craziness

2 litres of blood, sweat and tears

magic sprinkles & glace cherries to garnish


1) Squeeze new ideas and blend until well combined. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 4-6 months.

2) Dilute to taste.

3) Serve in rose-coloured glasses and garnish with magic sprinkles and cherries.  If you don’t have glace cherries to hand you could try signing with an agent or securing a dream publishing deal.  Both of these are ideal ‘cherry on top’ alternatives.


2 thoughts on “New Year Recipe for Success

  1. Others are confirming I’m not alone in trying to get back into a rhythm after December and all of its usual (and festive) upheavals.
    Fizz just ain’t the problem. Traction is.
    The ideas are there, awaiting action, buried somewhere under all the clutter on the kitchen counter or the spent gift wrapping still in the parlor.
    Seems like it’s more a matter of getting back to baking bread and making yogurt on a regular schedule, along with a batch of yogurt.
    For the record, I hate housecleaning but I need to reclaim some space on that counter top.


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