Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Write Club Band

It can be a lonely game, this writing lark – just you and your computer and that empty cup of tea you’ve been muttering at for the last hour and a half…

apple computer cup desk

Wait, did I say lonely?  I meant desperate, exhilarating, miserable, wonderful, soul-destroying, world-changing… and sometimes (just sometimes) a little bit tedious.  But the good news is, with the right kind of music at your disposal there’s no need to suffer or celebrate in silence.  And the even better news is you don’t have to look very far for the right tracks to see you through the ups and downs of your writing career, because the Fab Four have got it ALL covered, from the ultimate homage to creative procrastination (FIXING A HOLE) to the giddy excitement of meeting your new character / story idea for the first time (I’VE JUST SEEN A FACE).  Yes.  With a song for all occasions you’ll do more than get by with a little help from these friends:


(NB. I haven’t included direct links, I’m afraid, for reasons of copyright cluelessness on my part, but the following tracks are all out there for the listening.)

Need to find some more time in your busy schedule to commit to your WIP?  Look no further, my friend.  Just up your hours to EIGHT DAYS A WEEK and you’re laughing.  Although you might be too exhausted to do much laughing if you’ve reached that point in your project when you can hardly sleep for thinking about it… if so, brew up another pot of tea and stick I’M SO TIRED on repeat.

Struggling with the dreaded self assessment form? Time to hit TAXMAN. Or maybe you’ve just checked your royalty statement, in which case a quick burst of CAN’T BUY ME LOVE might be more what you need.  Because, let’s face it, if you do care too much for money you’re probably in the wrong game.

Speaking of which, why are you in this game?  Yes, for those dark days when you find yourself wondering just that, you’re going to need this beauty, the Daddy of all writing tracks: PAPERBACK WRITER.  And even though we’re all supposed to be writing for the sheer love of wordsmithing, it doesn’t hurt to think about that dream publishing deal now and again, by way of spurring yourself on. A few plays of I WANT YOU should be enough to conjure up the sheer desperation and longing everyone feels at some point in their writing career.

Oh dear.  Staring down the barrel of your seventeenth draft?  Just remember it’s GETTING BETTER all the time. And hopefully you’ve got your critique group on hand if you need some extra HELP.  But once you finally, finally reach THE END, have a quick rock out to that fabulous drum and guitar, before putting your finished MS in the drawer for a few weeks so you can come back to it with fresh eyes.  Yes, that’s right, I’m afraid you’ve GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY.  And then, once it’s been rested, reread, reworked and sent on its merry way, get ready for a long wait. Time enough to count up all four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire and transport them to the Albert Hall. Time to learn all the chords to the Beatles’ cover of CRYING, WAITING, HOPING and ample time to prepare your arsenal of survival tracks ready for when the answers trickle back in:

Bad news? For a full on post-rejection wallow there’s YESTERDAY, of course.  But if you want something a little more upbeat to shake away the blues you might prefer I’M DOWN.

No news at all?  Need to vent over that agent / publisher who never ever got back to you, despite the astounding brilliance of your submission? Try a quick burst of NO REPLY, then send it somewhere else instead.

What’s that?  A full request?  An offer of representation?  Long-awaited book deal?  Hooray!  I recommend SHE LOVES YOU at top volume, a few bursts of GOOD DAY SUNSHINE and maybe some twisting and shouting for good measure.  Enjoy!

Good Day Sunshine

(The fantastic Bootleg Beatles)








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