Shortlisted for the OWT 2018 Short Fiction Prize

Winner of the Winchester Writers’ Picture Book competition 2018 with ‘Goldibox and the Three Bores’

Winner of Writing Magazine’s Children’s/YA Short Story competition 2017

October 2017: Second place in the ITT Short Story 2017 with ‘Game Over’

Honorable Mention in the 2017 Balticon Poetry Contest for ‘Gorgoncology

Winner of Writing Magazine‘s ‘Goodbye’ short story competition

Winner of British Czech and Slovak Association 2016 Writing Competition

Winner of Writing Magazine‘s Iceland Writers Retreat Competition

Runner-up in Salopian Open Poetry Competition 2015, with ‘The Harpooned Wife’

Winner of the Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Contest 2015 with ‘Old Havisham’s Toaster’

Honorable Mention in the 2014 Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest

Shortlisted for the Greenhouse Funny Prize 2013, with MG novel, The Growing Down of Pickle-Eyed Joe (Commendation awarded)

Extract from YA novel Slettbyrd selected as runner up in the Writers & Artists ‘Introduce Your Villain’ competition (May, 2013)

‘Just Another New Kid in Town’ published as finalist in the Thirteenth Glass Woman Prize (May 2013)

August winner of the monthly A.Vogel Short story competition in Your Healthy Living magazine with ‘That’s all Folks’ (August, 2012)

Winner of the Balticon 46 Poetry Contest with ‘Night Train to Venus’ 

Runner-up in the Tenth Glass Woman Prize, with ‘My Mother’s Tail’ 

Honorable Mention in the 2011 Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest with ‘The Don with the Luminous Prose’ 

Winner of the Global Writers poetry competition with ‘Second Childhood’ (May, 2011)

Runner-up, The West Country Bursary, 2010/11

Runner-up in ‘Mslexia’ Short Story Contest 2010 with ‘The Cupcake Tree’

Winner of Best Devon Poem in the 2009 Plough Prize, with ‘She says it’s for the best’

Winner of the 2009 Commonwealth Short Story Competition, with ‘Table Talk’  

Third place in the 2009 Shine Journal Poetry Contest

Fourth place in the Willows Centenary Short Story Competition with ‘Encore’

Winner in the Bank St Arts ’Poetry for Mugs’ contest

Winner of fifth ‘MizzMouse’ poetry contest with ‘Mantis Religiosa’

Winner in the Talk About Debt 2008 poetry competition with ‘Step by Step’

Winner of MiniWORDS 2008 competition (MiniSTORIES) with ‘Myopia’

1st Runner-up in the 2008 5photostory contest

Winner of Waterfront Writers 2007 ‘Dream’ poetry contest

3rd place in Miniwords 2007 competition (minilogue)

Runner-up in Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition 2007

3rd place in Waterfront Writers 2006 ‘Identity’ poetry contest

Winner of 2006 Divine Poetry Competition

Shortlisted for 2006 Orange New Voices Short Story Award

Runner up in 2004 Divine Poetry Competition


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