What’s New

November 2017: ‘The Jobless Giant’ published in Storytime Magazine (Issue 39)

October 2017: Second place in the ITT Short Story 2017 with ‘Game Over’

September 2017: ‘Slipper the Slimy Gets Slugnapped’ published in Writing Magazine (October, 2017 issue) as winner of Children’s/YA Short Story competition

August 2017: Children’s story selected as winner of the Writing Magazine Writing for Children competition

August 2017: ‘Sugar’ published in Mslexia’s Little Ms Petits Fours

July 2017: ‘Angel Falls’ published in Claudius Speaks

June 2017: Honorable Mention in the Balticon 2017 Poetry Contest for ‘Gorgoncology’

May 2017: ‘Lot’s Second Wife’ published in Liquid Imagination (Issue 33)

May 2017: Winner of Writing Magazine‘s ‘Goodbye’ short story competition (winning story, ‘Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye)’ published in June edition)

April 2017: ‘Bedruthan’ is the featured poem on Parks & Points (26th April)

April 2017: ‘Ma Petite. Ma Joie’ published in Thing, volume 2, number 3

April 2017: ‘Lot’s Second Wife’ accepted for publication in Liquid Imagination

March 2017: ‘Smoke’ published in Mslexia’s Little Ms Petits Fours

March 2017: ‘Bedruthan’ accepted for publication by Parks & Points

March 2017: ‘Dolce Cantabile’ published in Medusa’s Laugh Nanotext

February 2017: ‘Ma Petite. Ma Joie’ accepted for publication in Thing

February 2017: children’s story accepted for Storytime Magazine

February 2017: Winner of the January Txtlit Competition

February 2017: ‘Dolce Cantabile’ selected for Medusa’s Laugh Press’ Nanotext collection

January 2017: ‘The End of Callie V’ (reprint) published by Digital Fiction Publishing Corp (originally published in Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction