‘Angel Falls’ published in Claudius Speaks (Issue 4, July 2017)

Honorable Mention in the 2017 Balticon Poetry Contest for ‘Gorgoncology’

‘Lot’s Second Wife’ published in Liquid Imagination (Issue 33, May 2017)

Bedruthan‘ published on Parks & Points (26th April, 2017)

‘Stalkers’ published in SCBWI Bulletin (Spring 2016)

‘Borrowing Dali’s Telephone’ published in Shooter Literary Magazine (Issue 3 – ‘Surreal’)

Runner-up in Salopian Open Poetry Competition 2015, with ‘The Harpooned Wife’. Published in Winter 2015 issue.

Winner of the Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Contest 2015 with ‘Old Havisham’s Toaster’

‘Family Feng Shui’ published in Other Poetry (Series Four, No. 6)

Winner of the Balticon 46 Poetry Contest with ‘Night Flight to Venus’

Honorable Mention in the 2011 Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest with ‘The Don with the Luminous Prose’

Winner of the Global Writers Poetry Competition with ‘Second Childhood’ (May 2011)

Mixtape poem published in Mslexia, ‘4 lines that rhyme’, (Issue 49, Apr/May/Jun 2011)

Three Haiku published in Three Line Poetry, Issue 1 (March, 2011)

‘The Slight Departure of the Featherworth Ladies’ Choral Society’ published in Mslexia (Issue 48, Jan/Feb/Mar 2011)

‘Chunnel Evacuation: A User’s Guide’ published in Mslexia (Issue 46, Jul/Aug/Sep 2010)

Winner of Best Devon Poem Prize in The Plough Prize 2009 with ‘She Says it’s for the Best’

Winner of fifth ‘MizzMouse’ poetry contest with ‘Mantis Religiosa’

‘The Unbalancing Act’ published in Sotto Voce (October, 2008 )

‘Lunch at the Poet’s House’ published in Mslexia (Issue 34, Jul/Aug/Sep 2007)

‘Four Minute Warning’ published in South (Issue 35, April 2007)

Winner of the 2006 Divine Chocolate Poetry Competition with ‘Keeping it Sweet’

‘Nocturnal Incantations’ published on Guardian Unlimited (February, 2005) http://books.guardian.co.uk/poetryworkshop/story/0,,1424659,00.html

Runner up in the 2004 Divine Chocolate Poetry Competition

U.A. Fanthorpe and R.V. Bailey on ‘Lunch at the Poet’s House’ – “a splendid send-up of poetic pretension.  The tone of reverence, the exact choice and placing of words, the economy of it – all these things work together brilliantly.  Enjoy it, as we did.” (Mslexia)

 Amanda Craig on ‘The Slight Departure of the Featherworth Ladies’ Choral Society’ –  “Jolliest and most Betjemanesque is ‘The Slight Departure of the Featherworth Ladies’ Choral Society’, by Jennifer Moore, which made me laugh aloud. I loved the idea of all these ladies turning away from conventional songs into wilder and wilder song (and even the dance of the ‘Seventeen Veils/ with full nudity and strobe lighting effects’) before returning primly to the last sentence, ‘Tea and biscuits will be available during the interval.’ It was like seeing Calendar Girls in verse.” (Mslexia)


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