‘So Long, Mr Peters’ published in Scum (May, 2018)

‘Game Over’ published in Lifeblood: an anthology: 10 short listed short stories from the IT Tallaght Short Story Competition, 2017 (January 2018)

‘Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye)’ published in Writing Magazine (June, 2017)

‘Ma Petite. Ma Joie’ published in Thing, Vol. 2, no. 3 (April 24, 2017)

‘Ms Bernhardt’s Brexit’ published in British Czech and Slovak Review (Issue 153, Winter 2016)

‘Welcome to Earth’ published in Helios Quarterly Magazine (September 2016, Volume 1, Issue 1)

‘Inpestation’ published on T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog (July, 2016)

‘The Night Before the Morning After’ published in Bloodbond (May, 2016)

‘A Light Farewell’ published in Writing Magazine (April, 2016)

‘A Sea Change’ published in Thema, Vol. 28, no. 1 (March 2016)

‘So Long and Thanks for All the Memories’ published in ‘Penny’, Vol.1, Issue 5 (February 2016)

Assassin Monologue published in Mslexia (December 2015)

‘Martha’s Martyr Complex’ published by The Flash Fiction Press (November 2015)

‘The Future of Fast Food’ published in Alternate Hilarities 4: Weirder Science, Strange Musings Press (September 2015)

‘Killing Time’ published in ‘P’kitsch’ (September 2015)

‘The Milkman Cometh’ published in ‘SpeckLit’ (August 2015)

‘Sir Lancebit & the Dragon’ published in ‘SpeckLit’ (July 2015)

‘I Should Have Guessed You Were a Hideous Parasitical Freak’ published in ‘SpeckLit’ (July 2015)

Gingerbread published in Body Parts Magazine, Issue 4 (June 2015)

‘The Body in Frogner Park’ published in ‘Norwegian American Weekly’ (May 2015)

‘Dark Geometries’ published in ‘Fine Linen Literary Journal’ (April 2015)

‘Just Another New Kid in Town’ published as finalist in the Thirteenth Glass Woman Prize (May 2013)

‘The Killing of Kalleck Thrift’ extract published in Miscellanea (April 2013)

‘1001 Portals to Try Before You Die’ published in Miscellanea  (March 2013)                                                                                                

‘The End of Callie V’ published in Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction (February 2013)

‘Spencer’s Smelly Welly’ (a story for young children) published in Knowonder! (September 2012)

Extract from A.Vogel monthly winning story, ‘That’s All Folks’, published in Your Healthy Living magazine (August 2012)

‘Crocodile Blues’ published in ‘Independent Ink Magazine’, Issue 5, Spring 2012 (March 2012)

My Mother’s Tail’ published as runner-up in the Tenth Glass Woman Prize  (December 2011)

‘Janey Lied to Hairdressers’ published in Leodegraunce, Issue 10 (November 2011)

‘Slugs’ published in In the Snake Magazine (November 2011)

‘Swimming with the Fishes’ published in All These Little Worlds, a Fiction Desk Anthology (October 2011)

‘On Reflection’ published in In the Snake Magazine (July 2011)

The Jug Game’ published byDaily Science Fiction (September 2010)

‘The Cupcake Tree’ published in Mslexia (Issue 45, April/May/June 2010)

‘United’ published in Belong, ed. Russell B. Farr (Ticonderoga Publications, 2010)

‘Big Bad City’ published in Straying from the Path (Drollerie Press, 2010)

‘Her Lover’s Raincoat’ published in The Binnacle Sixth Ultra-Short Edition 2009

‘May Cause Side Effects’ published in Dreams and Dreaming, Fourteen Stories from Totnes Bookshop (2009)

‘Encore’ published in The Wind in the Willows Short stories (Kenneth Grahame Society, 2009)

‘Not Just for Christmas’ published in The Weekly News (20th December, 2008 )

‘Beer Goggles’ published in Neverlands and Otherwheres (November, 2008 )

‘Waste Not Want Not’ published on Writelink (November, 2008 )

‘Why I Stabbed you in the Arm’ published in Short Fiction 2 (UPP, 2008 )

‘Julia’ published in Short Fiction 2 (UPP, 2008 )

‘The Great Inexplico’ published in 43 ‘L’ Plates (Fygleaves, 2008 )

‘The Greenest Knight’ published by Sniplits (September, 2008 ).

‘Mr Angry’ published in Shakespeare’s Monkey Revue, Volume 2, Issue 1 (August, 2008 )

‘Arachnoia’ published on SteamPod (Episode 4, July, 2008 )

‘The Return of the Queen’ published in Ruins Metropolis (Hadley Rille Books, 2008 )

‘I Do’ published on Writelink (May, 2008 )

‘Fussy Eater’ published in Six Sentences Vol. 1 (April, 2008 )

‘Diet 100: the ‘T’ Plan’ published in Six Sentences Vol. 1 (April, 2008 )

‘Last Week Was my Birthday’ published in Six Sentences Vol. 1 (April, 2008 )

Seven Days’ published on Transmitter (January, 2008 )

‘Hunting for Greenfly’ published on Flashshot (January, 2008 )

‘Apple Pie’ published on Flashshot (December, 2007)

‘Cop Crop’ published on Flashshot (December, 2007)

‘It’s a Kind of Magic’, published on Writelink (October, 2007)

‘A Sea Change’ published in Galleon (Issue 1)

‘What Lies Beneath’ published in Not the end of the story: Short Stories for the Camp for Climate Action

‘Next Stop Memory Lane’ published in The People’s Friend (August, 2007)

‘Going Places’ published on Writelink (June, 2007)

Episode 8 of BBC 7′s ‘Chain Gang’

Wind of Change’ published on Writers News (third prize in Ill Wind short story competition)

‘Lady in Red’ republished on The Chick Lit Review (March/April, 2007)

‘In With the New’ published on Writelink (January, 2007)

‘Road Trip’ published in The First Line, Volume 8, Issue 4 (Winter 2006)

‘The One with the Dying Dog’, Pulp Net, Issue 45 (December 2006)

‘Kissing Santa Claus’ published in Christmas Spirits, (Route Byteback, 2005)

‘Lady in Red’ published in best (Issue 45, 2005)

‘Love Thy Neighbour’ published in Wonderwall, Route 16 (Route, 2005)

‘Nice as Pie’ broadcast on Radio Kent (winner of March 2005 short story contest)

‘Open Wide’ published on Bloodlust UK

‘The Maid in the Tower’ published in The Guardian (1998 )


4 thoughts on “Fiction

  1. Wow! Just read ‘Bye, bye, bye’ (Baby Goodbye) . Powerful writing and I found I could really relate to Helena. Congratulations, Jenny!


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