Lessons from Literature No.1: Buns for Tea

“Whenever an Editor was sensible there were buns for tea.”  Well, if it’s good enough for The Railway Children then it’s good enough for me.

‘Buns for tea’ was the original model for celebrating a “yes” from an editor in our house, but somewhere along the line it seems to have been forgotten.  Sometimes a smallish “yes” doesn’t even get a mention any more, let alone a trip to the local baker’s, which is a shame.  After all, there are always plenty of “no’s” to feel gloomy about in this game, so I think it’s time to reinstate some kind of proper celebration for the “yes’s” along the way.

Watch this space and my waistline… if I can’t fit into any of my clothes by Christmas then it means it’s been a good year!  And of course there’s always a chilled bottle of prosecco waiting in the fridge for that big big “YES”…