Interviewing Sheep: A Brighter Shade of Blue

Sheep interviews used to be pretty straightforward affairs consisting of three basic questions:

1) Can you baaaaaaaa?

2) Do you follow the flock?

3) Can you impersonate a cloud?  

1 and 2 were generally a given, so providing the candidate was capable of drifting across the landscape like a  fluffy cumulus on legs he got the gig. It was as simple as that.  But it turns out the rules have changed.  Due to the unseasonably hot weather we are experiencing at the moment, clouds are OUT and blue skies are IN. Unfortunately for would-be woollies this means no more soft white clouds grazing gently in fields.  No, we want sheep-shaped blobs of brilliant azure dotting our hills instead, thank you very much. It’s a tough ask but I think these Dartmoor chaps have got it licked:


                            THE BLUE RINSE BRIGADE

And in further blue news today, my Bluebeard inspired teen short story ‘Welcome to Bluez’ is the guest tale on the fabulous Fiction Femme Fatale site.  You can find it at