The Waiting Game #amwaiting

So you’ve penned your magnum opus and sent him out into the big bad world with only a thin cover letter and matching synopsis for warmth.  There’s nothing more you can do for him now – he’s on his own.  Perhaps you’re feeling a little bereft, a touch empty nesty…?  It’s only natural.  But now is not the time to sit there staring at your empty inbox until your eyeballs blister.  Oh no.  Now is the time for action.  The post-submission world is waiting, oyster-like at your feet.  Why not take the opportunity to –

  • pen a “back up” bestseller or two
  • grow a beard
  • learn to speak Norwegian
  • reintroduce yourself to your children/spouse
  • get polishing (we’re talking dirty neglected kitchens this time, not manuscripts)
  • landscape your garden
  • landscape your desk
  • eat
  • sleep
  • work off your ‘writer’s bottom’
  • go notebook shopping.  Daily.  Maybe throw in a new pen or two if they’re really calling to you (You know what pens are like, Buy me, I’m THE ONE. I’ll take you all the way to the Booker Shortlist… honest)
  • catalogue notebook/pen collection
  • discover the meaning of life (and then tweet about it)

All done?  Very good.  That’s the first few days taken care of anyway.  Back to your inbox now then I guess.  As you were…